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Assimilate Dailies Online is a web application to publish, share and review large quantities of media in a secure way. Publish your dailies for review, publish multiple VFX versions of a shot or publish a complete finished movie or commercial - including versions - for review by your clients. All media - whether in a camera raw or intermediate format - are easily uploaded either directly from SCRATCH DI software or using Play Pro. An Assimilate Dailies Online account is customizable so you create your own branded entry for your clients. Each publication includes all the source media meta data and all review feedback is stored and can be loaded back into your SCRATCH working project. From Here:

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Assimilate Dailies Online - FAQ

What is an Assimilate Dailies Online Account?

To be able to publish media you need an account. You can start of with a free trial account - which is only limited by the amount of media you can publish into it - or get a monthly subscription. An account has a single owner but you can assign multiple account administrators. You can customize your account by setting your own subdomain (https://mydomain.sweb.media) and set your company logo and background for the login / entry of the web application.

What is an Assimilate Dailies Online Channel?

A Channel is a sort of container where you publish the actual media into. An Account can contain multiple Channels and in turn, a Channel can contain multiple publications. As such, a Channel allows you to group your publications. Also, an account has a storage location: by setting the location to your region both upload and playback will speed up substantially.

How can I upload media into my Assimilate Dailies Online Channel?

You use either SCRATCH or Assimilate Play Pro. The SCRATCH desktop application is available for Windows and OSX and has - next to a vast variety of creative tools for Conform, Edit, Grade, Composite and Finish - a very straight forward function to Publish media. SCRATCH reads a wide range of different formats - be it camera raw or any professional DI format - you can upload them directly into Dailies Online. SCRATCH has an excellent H264 encoder to create the best quality web content that can be viewed in all major browsers: from SD to (full) HD to even UHD.

How do I give other access to my Publication?

It is as easy as entering their email address. You can either do this directly when you publish the media from the desktop application or do this through the administrative tools in Assimilate Dailies Online itself. You can give other access to a single publication, to a full channel or the complete account. You can allow other to publish into a certain channel or the full account and you can assign administrators to manage all user access. Furthermore you can create a Quick Link that you can email to anyone which will give them access to a publication without having to create an user account.

Can I give access to everybody?

Yes, you can also mark a publication as public - which means that anybody can access it. You can even use a special link that you can use on your website that will take a visitor to all the public media that you post in your account. This can e.g. be a nice way to present your show reels.

What security is used to protect my media?

All media is stored inside the Microsoft Azure Storage service. Access to the media is encrypted while at the same time the transport of the media is encrypted using https / secure socket layers. On the functional level - you control who has access by assigning users with their email address. Each user (email) has its own Assimilate Dailies Online account and associated password. Each Account, Channel and Publication has its own user access list that you control. Finally, the client side browser application does not have an explicit download option.

More questions?

View the various links provided at the top of this page or contact us at support@assimilatesupport.com.